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Rarely Has A Spokesperson Exuded "ASSHOLE" Like Spectrum's "Nonsense" Guy

Best Ads Of The Last 50 Years: "Don't Read The Independent".

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Mailchimp's New Wordplay Visualizations Are...Unexpected

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Best Ads Of The Last 50 Years: Tango Orange Man

Creative Class with Copyranter: Be Unexpected

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The Greatest "Storyteller" Campaign In Advertising History

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Is This New Campaign Via Egypt Good Or Bad?

A Collection Of Some Of The Dumbest Ads Ever Produced

Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: Xbox "Champagne"


Scenes from 30 years on the Frontlines of Advertising Hell.

"TIME TO MOVE TO RUSSIA"—a measured review.

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Publicis's New Meta Mascot Is A French Furry

Only The Hottest Sexist Ads From The Last 20 Years

Best Campaigns Of The Last 20 Years: Red Stripe

These Beer Ads Are Bad And They Should Feel Bad

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Three 2022 American Ads That Suck Harder Than An Airplane Toilet*

The Billboard Is Dead. Long Live The Billboard.

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A Close Examination Of The Worst Cruise Ship Ad Ever Written.

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Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #10

Good Ads Made Great By Wildly Imaginative Illustrations

Today's Bank Ads Are An Embarrassment And I'm Here For It

Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #9.

The Power Of Words: The Lost Art Of Copywriting.

Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #8

The Best TV Ad Of The Year, So Far.

Brands Don't Give A Rat's Hindquarters About Female Empowerment

Non-Bad Ad Friday #9

A Close Examination Of How Awful Alcohol Ads Have Gotten.

Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #7

Valuable Copywriting Lessons From 12-Year-Olds

11 Classic 1960s Ads The Likes Of Which You Will Never See Again

Best Campaigns Last 20 Years: 10 Cane Rum

The Most Creative Ads From Ukraine

Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #5

The Lost Art Of Art Direction

Ad Trend: Generic Commercials That Literally Could Be For Any Product.

Best Ads Of The Last 50 Years: #3

Well Shit My Britches, An Actual Decent Ad Campaign.

A Close Examination Of How Stupid Car Ad Copy Has Gotten.

Best Ads Of The Last 50 Years: #2

In India, Tampons Are Advertised With Blatant Sexism

Work-Related Ads Have Gotten Very Depressing

Names I Give my IBS Bowel Movements

Which Scientology Super Bowl Ad Scored Highest On Their E-Meter?

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Best Ads Of The Last 50 Years: #1

White Supremacist Flyers: A Professional Creative Review

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Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years #6

9 Super Bowl Ads That Were Actually Good

When Ad Copywriters Ruled

Best 3 Ads From January.

According To Every Jeans Brand, You Are An ANIMAL.

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Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #4

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