Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years: #11—Berlitz Language Schools.
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One of the best coffee ads ever created. From 2015.
The best shredder ad ever created. From 2015, via Brazil.
The best dishwasher cleaner ad ever created.
The Yank "Mad Men" (and Women, to be accurate) may have owned the 60s, but the Brits produced many of the best ads of the 70s and 80s.
Sex is hard (that's what she said) to advertise. Nobody does it better than Coco De Mer (Best Ads Of The Last 20 Years #5).
16 years ago, the great Peter Stomare made three Volkswagen ads that belong in the "Oddvertising" Hall Of Fame.
This, is a cool ad.
This is one of funniest commercials I've ever seen. Via Romania, from 2010.
No it's not fucking Little Darth fucking Vader.
Copywriters, this ad is for you.