Non-Bad Ad Friday #1

Every Friday I will feature a recent-ish ad that doesn't completely suck.

“Good” is one the most over- and misused words. Too many mediocre and even below average things (including ads) are called “good” by people who are WRONG (looking at you, lame-ass Adweek).

I hate Pringles, the evilest of snack foods. But I don’t hate this ad. I like this ad. It is, really, a Good Ad.

This spot actually debuted in December, 2020, But Pringles didn’t post it on YouTube until last May. What makes it “good”? It’s a good simple concept: Not just hot, uncomfortably hot. (Remember Concepts, what good ad school teachers teach are the basis for all good ads? Hard to find one these days.)

The casting is good, especially the father, Mr. Clark, who has no lines but his slight facial expression change is perfect. And the production cost is low as fuck. Pringles probably has no budget left for this niche product but if they do (!) they should let Grey NYC create a campaign of five? ten? more similar spots. The creative team would LOVE it.