WTFH Campaign of the Month

Seriously. What. The. Fucking. Hell.

Gatda is a Brazilian organization that specializes in eating and anxiety disorders, according to their website. Not found on their website: how to mentally digest this batshit campaign.

OK, the poor young woman above is losing weight and, it would appear, a future diploma? Her intelligence? Or! In addition to being bulimic, she’s a cannibal and she’s puking up an undigested recent grad’s head? Please share your interpretations in the comments.

She’s losing weight and…a future construction/lab job?

I don’t know. Weight+her bicycle? Skateboard? Her abilities to ride a bike or a skateboard. I DON’T KNOW.

The ad agency here is Ventosa, who I’ve never heard of. The credits list: 4 Creative Directors, 3 Art Directors, 1 Copywriter, and 1 CGI artist. So, their entire Creative Department, I guess.

Brazil is well known for their—I’ll be kind—over-the-top art direction. It is also the scam ad capital of the world. At the best, they probably executed these ads for free, and Gatda said, with apprehension, “sure, go ahead and put em online, I guess.”